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Experience the magic of your wedding day captured through raw, authentic, and organic footage and pictures.
As a wedding content creator, I provide a valuable bonus to your special day, delivering all the captured content the very next day.
With this collection of memories, we can create memorable Instagram Reels and transitional TikToks, while also managing your social media to share real-time content and make your friends, family, and audience feel like they are a part of your wedding celebration.

Below is a detailed description of each service included in the packages.

Pre-Wedding Content Consultation

Collaborate on creating a compelling content strategy to capture the unique elements of your love story before the big day.

Instagram Takeover


I'll professionally handle your account for the entire day, capturing and sharing real-time moments with your audience. Let your loved ones be part of your special day through captivating Instagram content.

Event Coverage

Ensure that no precious moment is missed, from the heartfelt vows to the joyous celebration with family and friends.

Next-Day Delivery


Relive the joy quickly with prompt delivery of all the photos and videos.

Edited TikToks/Reels

Transform the memorable moments of your wedding into captivating short videos that perfectly capture the essence and excitement of the day.​


Enjoy the edited content in a few days to share with your loved ones.

Book your pre-wedding content consultation now!

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